Jackson National Headquarters
Lansing, MI


3.50 - 6.00 inches of media

The Jackson National Headquarters conference center and dining hall green roofs – designed by Roofmeadow – provide seasonal color, texture, and subtle movement for onlookers in building stories above. Each green roof consists of diverse meadow plantings with swaths of low and medium-height grasses and perennials, surrounded by a wide Sedum perimeter. The conference center roof’s undulating surface creates a sense of elegant, rolling topography underneath the meadow and Sedum.

Roofmeadow’s design includes two important engineering components:

1) The first is a self-ballasted fall arrest system (developed by Diadem and
available in the U.S. only through Roofmeadow), which utilizes discreet posts and infrastructure buried within the green roof. The system’s selfballasted design eliminates the need for roof deck penetrations. While the system was designed in Europe, it successfully satisfies ANSI/ASSE guidelines’ dynamic performance criteria for systems of this type. The individual components of the system have been tested to confirm that they can withstand a static force of 5,000 pounds without breaking.

2) The second is a slope stabilization system that accommodate’s the conference center roof’s rolling terrain. In most of the roof’s steeply pitched areas slope stabilization cleats hooked to ballasted Geogrid provide the necessary precaution. In areas where ballasting with the green roof media is not possible (due to the building’s geometry), the slope stabilization system is connected to the parapet.