University of Virginia Hospital
Charlottesville, VA


3.00 - 6.00 inches of media

The University of Virginia Hospital Vegetated Roof is designed to create a dynamic view-shed for patients and medical staff in the adjacent tower, which previously overlooked a large stone ballast roof. As the project
landscape architect and prime, Roofmeadow designed the green roof retrofit while coordinating with a subcontracted structural engineer, MEP engineer, lighting designer, and architect.

As a visual amenity accessed only for maintenance, the green roof is seen primarily from above. Consequently, the design emphasize pattern, color, and landform. With a goal of creating interest for onlookers that changes over time (daily for short-term patients, weekly for long-term patients, and monthly for staff), the design deploys landform-driven shadow, windblown ornamental grasses, and plant material with bold seasonal color.

Roofmeadow drew inspiration for the green roof’s “Riverscape” layout from Charlottesville’s meandering river and adjacent mountains and agricultural fields. The river itself is constructed with recycled blue glass aggregate.

100% of the water used to irrigate the green roof is supplied by harvesting condensate from the HVAC system.