Roofmeadow coined the term “Design|Manage|Warrant” to define its innovative project delivery approach. Design|Manage|Warrant describes Roofmeadow’s core offering:  expertise and accountability from inception to maintenance.

DESIGN: waterproofing coordination, custom system design, slope stabilization design, irrigation design, planting design, rainwater harvesting design, stormwater modeling, wind analysis, building envelope energy analysis, specification writing, cost estimation, value engineering, RFI preparation, submittal review, construction review

MANAGE: bidding guidance, contractor advocacy at bid time, submittal preparation, construction sequence detailing, installation training, expert construction oversight, on-site troubleshooting, maintenance program development, maintenance management, maintenance training, plant database management and research, annual soil test review, remediation plans

WARRANT: long-term warranties; single-source warranties; material, labor, leak and plant viability coverage; long-term maintenance requirements; warranty reinstatement

Four quality assurance programs underscore Roofmeadow’s Design|Manage|Warrant services and distinguish Roofmeadow from other green roof system and material providers. Hard work and hard-won knowledge underscore every service we offer.

Roofmeadow Network Program
Roofmeadow Material Certification Program
Roofmeadow Stewardship Program
Roofmeadow Warranty Program